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Q: Will a contract be provided?

A: Yes, a contract which contains payment details, location, times, etc. will be emailed and then you simply fill it out and snail mail it back with the deposit. 

Q: Will musicians come to rehearsals?

A: Usually no.  We have played hundreds of weddings and only attended maybe two rehearsals. While details are typically coordinated solely by phone and/or email, a musician can come to rehearsals for an extra fee if schedules allow and the rehearsal location is not too far (mileage rates may apply) but it's not usually necessary.

Q: What will the musicians wear?

A: Our string ensemble will wear formal, wedding-appropriate attire in all black.

Q: When will musicians arrive for an event?

A: The musicians in our classical string quartet will arrive approximately 20-30 minutes before they re scheduled to start playing.  

Q: How will musicians know when to change selections during a wedding ceremony?

A: The head musician will have a music list that tells them how many people are in different parts of the ceremony and which song to play when. This script is designed with the bride/groom and/or the wedding coordinator beforehand.  They only need an initial cue from someone to know when the ceremony is starting.  If there is a coordinator, they also give multiple use throughout but it's not necessary unless the musicians can't see the wedding party. 

Q: What are the musicians’ qualifications?

A: All members of the Arpeggio Strings group are professional musicians who have been classically trained at some of the most prestigious programs and universities in the country and are active performers with many local orchestras and ensembles. Rest assured, they know what they are doing and they have  the talent and expertise to make any event unforgettable!

Q: Can the musicians perform outside?

A: Yes, the group frequently performs outdoors within reasonable, waterproof and shade conditions. If the temperature is below 60 degrees, rainy, windy, or sunny,  a tent (provided by the client/venue) or an alternate provision (such as a covered porch, shaded area, etc.) will need to be available so that the musicians can protect their instruments, maintain tuning, and play comfortably. Our musicians are very flexible with outdoor performance as we know the location is a big part of your special day and pictures!  Instruments project well even outside, and we make every effort to play out for maximum volume. However, a sound system may be used for an additional sound boost if desired. 

Q: Can pieces be performed that are not on repertoire lists?

A: Yes, if selections are desired that are not in the ensembles’ current repertoire, they can be performed if:

  1. Fully notated music is provided by the client ahead of time for the specific ensemble hired, or
  2. an arrangement can be done for an additional fee.

Arpeggio Strings  proudly offers one of the largest classical, pop/rock and movie/soundtrack repertoire in the Valley and we continue to add to it.

If you have a favorite song you want performed, we will do our best to find it. Remember that only the string quartet is able to play the contemporary songs. Be sure to ask for four musicians when you book.

Q: What will musicians need provided?

A: Armless chairs will need to be provided (folding chairs are fine). and usually shade.  Everything else (music, stands, etc.) will be taken care of by the wedding quartet.

Q: Can musicians accompany a friend/family member who will sing during the wedding/event?

A: Yes! We often accompany vocalists/other soloists at weddings and will take care of all relevant music details ahead of time. We also arrive earlier than usual to allow time for a run-through on the day of the event. 

Q: How can I listen to the musicians before booking?

A: Check out our videos on Facebook or search us on YouTube under Arpeggio Strings.  You can listen to lots of samples of classical and contemporary pieces.