About Us

Comprised of classically trained musicians with a passion for the music we play, Arpeggio Strings musicians are dedicated to providing a high level of musicianship and artfulness. We love to provide that distinctive, inviting ambiance that only live music performances can.  We set ourselves apart by appealing to all ages. We have a large selections of classical music typically expected from string musicians, or contemporary music popular with the younger generations.  Stick with the classics or throw a radio tune into the mix every now and then to catch your guests ear. Either way, live musicians add that touch of class and elegance to your event.

Experience is Key

Choosing live music for your event guarantees an elegant start to your big day. If you have Arpeggio Strings musicians, you can be rest assured you have chosen wisely.  Our professional musicians have performed or recorded with world renowned musicians such as Natalie Cole, Marvin Hamlisch, Erin Powers, and more.  Our resident cellist was also the double for Jamie Foxx in the movie The Soloist. We have played hundreds of wedding and events and are always excited for a new one.   

You can go classic or trendy.

There are always beautiful choices from traditional classics, like Pachelbel's "Canon in D," the "Wedding March" by Mendelssohn, and Vivaldi's "Seasons." These are all great choices. But you can also choose something more contemporary  with artists Journey, Cold Play, Lady Gaga, or Christina Perri. As  live musicians, we can be flexible and adjust our playing speed or even repeat a section of music to accommodate for a larger bridal party.  This is often done on the spot and is quite normal.

You can trust their direction.

You can decide how involved you'd like to be in your music selection.  You can tell us your favorite song and when to play it and we can do the rest.  Or, maybe you want to be more involved with all the selections of the prelude and the ceremony. Or perhaps  you want to give a few ideas but want to leave the music that fills your downtime up to us.  It's totally up to you. 

They can carry over to the reception.

Live musicians are portable. The ceremony only uses them for maybe an hour. Use them for the cocktail hour. Even ask them to transport to the reception venue. We do it all.